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Allen Parseghian

Allen Parseghian

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Los Angeles dance photographer. My name is Allen Parseghian and I am located in Los Angeles, California and my main interest is to photograph dancers. I have always been fascinated by the incredible forms that a human body is able achieve, so I intend to freeze that moment of achievement through a super-fast burst of studio strobe and my modern lighting technique, something that is impossible to catch with a naked eye. I enjoy working with professional performers because they have something unique to offer that one does not usually see on daily basis. They are among the tiny percentage of the people in the world that are able to offer things that make our jaws drop. Dancers also offer a certain passion which is something I feed off of. To me, a ballerina is the most beautiful subject to photograph. Having lived and travelled all over the world has given me the ability to interact with people from all various cultural backgrounds a lot more easily. Photographing people is such an intimate thing to do, therefore being a people's person and having the ability to put yourself in other people's shoes is a definite must. All material © copyright by All rights reserved.
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