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Alfredo Ferrer - Age 54 years - Email al.lien8 @ - Terrassa/Barcelona/Spain

- Expert Technical development and implementation of Digital Publishing.
-Advisor, Technical and photographer.
-Certified by Adobe and Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Adobe Photoshop 5.0.
Phase-one certified as an expert in digital acquisition systems and linear area (Denmark).
- Member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

-Responsible for the construction of apartment building in 3D design, a group specializing in advertising
furniture catalog production, located in Vinaròs (Castelló)
-Photographer freelance
-Responsible for graphic editing of the book, design and image of the book: 75 Years of History in pictures Egara club.
Photographer specializing in photography, field hockey and major sporting events.
-Specialist in scenic portraits. (1999/2011)


-He studied economics at the University of Barcelona and Informatics at the Faculty of Bellaterra. (1973/1978)

I begin to practice as a professional photographer in child and Landscape Photography. (1973/1978)

-Professional photographer in the industrial and advertising. Clients: Martini & Rossi, Philips, Ignis,
Whirlpool, Commercial Kettal Gift Bazaar, Sound Magazine, Derbi ... (1978/1992)

-Responsible for the area of ​​digital photography and computer Company Mito (ZM.SA). (1992/1997)

-Responsible for technical service and consultant Macintosh equipment and laboratories Zebra EGM
Personal trainer in the area of ​​digital retouching. (1992/1997)

Technical director of the company Ibérica SL Photophase (1992/1997)

Consultant and trainer, personal digital treatment issues Percolor Laboratories. (1998/1999)

-Advisor freelance photographers, professionals. (1998/1999)

-Advisor in the areas of digital signal processing laboratories and corporate Copy Danish Photo. (2000)

-Specialist in making interactive books for photographers. (2000)

Equipment set-Specialist in Macintosh platform. (1992-2000)

-Advisor in the areas of digital capture Treatment and photographic equipment of El Corte Ingles SA,
providing staff training seminar of the photographic area. (2001/2002)

-Technical Director, Photo Danish company, digital capture products. (2001/2002)

Professor of CITM-Image Center and Multimedia Technology Polytechnic Foundation of Catalonia
Treatment and Collection in digital and photo retouching. (2000/2005)

Digital Classroom-Teacher Professional Casanova. (2003/2004)

Company-Advisor Spotlight (social photography). (2003/2004)

-Professor of the Faculty of Information Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona
in Treatment, Digital Capture and Digital Postproduction. Postgraduate Master in Photojournalism and Digital Photography. (2003/2009)

Instructor-digital picture seminars sponsored by Sonimagfoto and Adobe Inc. (2006/2009)

Digital Cllick freelance collaborator. (2005/2010)

Freelance consultant and trainer, photographers, professionals. (2001/2008)

External collaborator Fujifilm Technical Advisor Spain, at the launch of the camera S5Pro. (2008)

Montse photo-Advisor Campins, Helena de la Madrid, social photography. (2005/2008)

Operator-in photo retouching and Zentol Martin. (2006/2008)

Photographer specializing in photography, field hockey and major sporting events. (1999/2011)

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