Photography Goals of 2012

Published February 21st, 2012

My goals for 2012 are to grow as a photographer and editor, I feel as though i have already taken a significant step in the right direction and this makes me feel very motivated and validated as a photographer. Being a new member of 500px has really impacted my decision to give my overall portfolio a much needed makeover, this community is both packed with amazing professional photographers/artists and prompt feedback.

I wanted to improve my skills so i spent countless hours learning new tricks and tips that i think have substantially improved my photography by a large amount. Yesterday i completed a photoshoot with a friend who modeled for me and i couldnt help but try and recreate photos that i imagined would be great, photos that i have always wanted to take but never had the courage to follow through on. So even though i felt a little strange asking my friend to lay in a pile of flowers I did, and im so happy i did because for the first time I was able to produce photos that Ive always wanted to take and that paired with my new found editing tricks i feel confident that i have met my own goal for that photoshoot.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me if i plan on meeting all my goals for my photography career, but for now i am happy and grateful to be doing what i love in life. with the support of friendly faces online I hope to spread as much positivity as humanly possible this year because i believe that positivity attracts success and positivity paired with happiness spreads like wildfire.

The most successful and skilled artists and photographers all share something in common, they are positive and humble, at least the successful photographers that i look up to are!

Its so true that if you follow your dreams and want something passionately enough that it will happen for you, you just have to believe in yourself and dedicate hard work and time into what you love to do, and if you love to do it, it wont feel like hard work because youll be having fun

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