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Mark Abraham

Relax and have fun! That's my motto for photographers!

I have a wonderful full time job and on the side I am very much part-time author and non working photographer.

I used to do light semi-pro work, independent film stills, weddings, amateur models and some stock work. Those would be the highlights as I stopped working professionally after a few years and now I just shoot for fun!

I believe photography is both an art and technical mastery to capture all the multitudes of possibilities life can bestow to the eyes. While I enjoy gear, some tech talk and knowing more to help make better pictures, I am at my best when the gear disappears, the scene creates passion and the minds eye is left to capture photos!

Former DSLRs - Fuji's S2,S3, S5 \ Nikon's D2X, D70, D200, D700, D7100, D7200, Canon 5D
Other Cameras - Fuji Z2, Oly Pen, Panasonic GH2, Nikon's CP5000P CP3200

Current Cameras - Nikon D810, D500, Df & Fuji S3 & S5

Newer Work @ http://roaringstar.com/?page_id=357
Older Work @ http://roaringstar.com/?page_id=205

Checkout my latest website Nikkorglass.com dedicated to Nikon Glass with focus on MF Lenses, its add free! We embrace MFNas at NikkorGlass!

You can find my book "The Awareness Journey at http://AM4L.com, it will forever change how you see your life and open your eyes to a new way of thinking!

Avid/Rabid Collector of Nikkor MF Lenses = 58

Nikon MF Prime Ai/Ai-s Collection (27 Keepers)
* Nikon 15 F/3.5 Ai-s
* Nikon 16 F/2.8 Ai
* Nikon 18 F/3.5 Ai-s
* Nikon 20 F/3.5 Ai-s
* Nikon 20 F/2.8 Ai-s
* Nikon 24 F/2.8 Ai-s
* Nikon 28 F/2 Ai-s
* Nikon 28 F/2.8 Ai-s
* Nikon 35 F/1.4 Ai-s
* Nikon 35 F/2 Ai
* Nikon 50 F/1.2 Ai
* Nikon 50 F/1.4 Ais
* Nikon 50 F/1.8 Ais
* Nikon 50 F1.8 Ai E Series
* Nikon 55 F/1.2 Ai
* Nikon 58 F/1.2 Ai [NOCT]
* Nikon 85 F/1.4 Ai-s
* Nikon 85 F/2 Ai-s
* Nikon 105 F/1.8 Ai-s
* Nikon 105 F/2.5 Ai-s
* Nikon 135 F/2 Ai-s
* Nikon 135 F/2.8 Ai-s
* Nikon 180 F/2.8 ED Ai-s
* Nikon 200 F/4 Ai-s*
* Nikon 300 ED F/4.5 Ais
* Nikon 200 F/4.5 Micro
* Nikon 500 F/4 ED P Ai-s

Nikon MF Prime non Ai Collection (24 Keepers)
* Nikkor 8mm Auto F/2.8 Fisheye
* Nikkor-20 F/3.5 UD
* Nikkor 24 F/2.8 NC Ai'd
* Nikkor 28 F/2 N.C Ai Convert
* Nikkor 28 F/3.5 H-Auto Ai convert
* Nikkor 35 F/1.4 N - Thorium Ai'd
* Nikkor 35 F/2 O.C. Auto
* Nikkor 35mm F2.8 S
* Nikkor 45 F/2.8 GN Auto Nikkor
* Nikkor 50 F/1.4 SC
* Nikkor 50 F/2 HC
* Nikkor 50 F/2 S
* Nikkor 55 F/1.2 SC
* Nikkor 55 F/3.5 Micro Auto
* Nikkor 58 F/1.4 S-Auto
* Nikkor 85 F/1.8 HC Auto
* Nikkor-T Nippon Kogaku 10.5cm F/4
* Nikkor 105 F/2.5 PC Auto
* Nikkor 135 F/3.5 Q-Auto
* Nikkor 135 F/2.8 QC
* Nikkor 180 F/2.8 P-Auto
* Nikkor 200 F/4 Q C
* Nikkor 300 f/4.5 H Auto

Nikon MF Zoom Ai/Ai-s Collection (8 Keepers)
*Nikkor 28-45mm F4.5 Non-Ai l
*Nikkor 28-50 F/3.5 Ai-S
*Nikkor 35-70 F/3.5 Ai-s
*Nikkor 50-135 F/3.5 Ai
*Nikkor 80-200 F/4 Ai-s
*Nikkor 8.5-25cm
*Nikkor 50-300 ED F/4.5 AI-s
*Nikkor 200-400 ED F/4 Ai-s