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Amy McDow

Amy McDow



In lieu of the traditional ”I love photography…I got my first camera when I was eight…yada, yada,” I am going to share a few random things about myself, because this will be much more fun for us both. -I strongly believe that no ice cream is better than Blue Bell and that pork should never be considered barbecue. -I saw Vanilla Ice in concert well after he melted…late 90s. -I always have duct tape, nail glue and Sharpee markers on hand and I am not afraid to use them. -I graduated “cum laude” from college, have had tons of student loans, and do absolutely nothing with my precious degree. -I have a metal rod in my arm and a screw in my head. -I was attacked by a group of Canadian geese while making out on a beach. -I have never pierced my ears. -I grew up in Waco, Texas and no, I am not a Branch Davidian (and have never known anyone that was). -I went on a two-week bike-trip from Texas to Florida when I was a kid. -I live in the home where I met my husband, kissed him for the first time, and married him. -One year is as far as my memory goes back without assistance. -I believe that actions are far more powerful than words and that the people who shout the loudest are usually the ones whose actions you need to watch the closest. -I rarely share my opinions and never feel the need to debate anything. Life is just too short…I’d rather go swing on my front porch.
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