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Americanfoto Club

Americanfoto Club



The main goal is for this site is for students to publish their photographic works which apply creative techniques of digital photography, B&W and Color, and is designed as an extension of the ongoing activity of the Photography Class. Also works as a mean of dissemination of this art among the community of our Academy. So this blog is open to the entire community of the American Military Academy, students, parents and all who wish to make comments of the photographic works presented by students. “ You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” - Ansel Adams
Josh Diaz
Photos 5
Likes 4
Comments 2
Ivan Kislov
Photos 467
Likes 88738
Comments 10012
Benigno Meneses
Photos 25
Likes 105
Comments 37
Daniel Alfaro R.
Photos 12
Likes 486
Comments 199
Alex Dawson
Photos 16
Likes 3880
Comments 659
Markus Berger
Photos 73
Likes 11838
Comments 389
Rodger Olivares
Photos 10
Likes 2284
Comments 399
Warren Ishii
Photos 82
Likes 21008
Comments 13603
Vincent Bourilhon
Photos 66
Likes 28776
Comments 944
Steve Chilton
Photos 46
Likes 2429
Comments 410