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Mallorca 2012

Published July 17th, 2012

I went to the island of Mallorca in the summer of 2012. I stayed in Alcudia, but traveled to Inca, Sineu, Soller and Valldemossa. I took close to 2500 pictures and had a great time. I will definitely come back :)

I feel so close to you it's a force field

This was one of those shots you just walk into. I was actually out looking to take a picture of a light house at the coast line when I stumbled upon this scene. It was so beautiful I just had to capture it. I hunkered down and set my camera to silent mode as to not disturb them and took a couple of shots, this being one of them. Everything just came together for me, the setting, the framing, the motive.


I found this dam at Gorg Blau on the island of Mallorca. Besides being a really cool structure it really feels it could be the perfect home for a Bond villain. I took this picture at noon, and later that night I returned for the sunset picture of the mountains.

Keep calm

This was a planned shoot. I had spent weeks looking at Google maps trying to find locations. I found these two lakes in the middle of Mallorca and planed my day so that I would end up there during the sunset. It was truly a magical place and just by the road so it was easy to access. During the day there was a lot of tourists there, but by the time I was there (about 7 or 8 PM), I was almost alone. Check the map location.

The island

I was in the north east part of Mallorca and came upon this fantastic view. I got a real "Lost" feeling from it.

Valldemossa tower

I found this cute little tower in Valldemossa. It was just so perfectly framed in with all the trees surrounding it I just had to capture it. I also like the layering of the composition.

Everything is crooked

I wanted to capture some of the architecture in Valldemossa. Every house is crooked in its own way and they all seem to have their own personality. Just look at this door and window. Nothing aligns, not even the roof :)


Valldemossa is an incredible village situated in the south west part of Mallorca.

Angry sea

I was up at 5:30 in the morning watching the sun rise over Mallorca. The sea was angry this day. It was really an astounding sun rise and I was incredibly lucky with those clouds and the god rays.

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