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My Appearance in National Geographic!

Published August 31st, 2011

At the end of last year, a friend of mine encouraged me to take part in photography contests. To be honest, I was excited at first but did find too many contest that really got my attention. I just uploaded a few here and there but never bothered to really look out for new contests to participate. Among all those, I also uploaded one photo to National Geographic. You know that Nat Geo is the place to be and the one website or magazine where everybody wants to be in, at least once in their lifetime. Not that I have appeared in the print issue, however, one of my shots was selected as one of 30 photos to represent Canada – and that made me proud. It was a huge motivation to continue with photography and trying to become better and better.

Today I...

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Andre Garant  over 6 years ago

From Andre to Andre congratulation sometines just trying and we get this kind of result and that what you did.

Ronald Roberts  over 6 years ago

Congratulatioins, Andre. I'd like to say you've reached the pinnacle, but then it might go to your head, and we wouldn't want that. Keep forging ahead. Maybe they'll hire you some day.