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André Farinha

Hello everyone,
I'm Andre Farinha and I am an enthusiastic photographer, for me the picture goes through what I can capture with my beloved, but not what I can see with my own eyes, I love capturing the essence of what surrounds us, from the cosmos to the landscapes.
The passion for photography was born unusually, I've always been much given to arts, any kind of art moves me but it was then that I met the art of digital photography .. when I found it I fell in love madly and since then I never wanted to know anything unless photography.

I'm patient and adventurous guy and if I have to wait five hours in the same place to take the picture, I'll wait for those five hours! if I have to get myself into ice water to take the picture with the best possible plan, I'll do it !!
I commit follies with photography and I hope that will continue for much longer.
I'm 23 years old and since my 20 years I have dedicated myself to photography as enthusiastic photographer, since then I have progressed a lot and traveled a long ways to achieve what I want.
In recent times I have been devoted more to Astrophotography, Landscapes and Nature, I always try to include the human element in the photo to give Harmony between Nature and Man!

I still have a long life ahead and intend to continue to carry all the photographic gear that I have, and that in turn gives me a huge joy ride with the gear on my back!

I have received a number of awards and recognitions some at national level (Portugal) as the global level.

I leave here below some updated links for those who have time and want to see!
I wish all the best stay in this world, with the company of loved ones photographic cameras.

Best Regards,
André Farinha

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  • Vila de Rei, Castelo Branco, Portugal