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First thought on 500px

Published June 26th, 2011

I was amazed at the quality of images here on 500px, as well as the beautiful presentation, when I first came across the site by chance not a week ago. And I have to say that the portfolio option clinched the deal. This is because my website is a photoblog, and for some time I've also wanted to display my best in a gallery type format as well.

I've had accounts or trial ones with various seemingly professional styled gallery hosting sites, but had not found anything entirely satisfactory before 500px. I am not a CSS expert, and do not wish to spend the time needed to become one. That rules a few sites out, already. Others may offer easy customisation with on coding ability needed, but I've yet to come across one that is intuitive to use AND that doesn't have some bugs in the system, at the same time.

For me, a gallery/portfoliio display needs to be as dead simple to use set up for the photographer, and totally obvious as to how to navigate through it for the first time visitor. For me, then, a 500px portfolio is it.

I'll continue to stick with Flickr as my "visual notebook" and to link my post image to my blog site. As replacing an image is possible on Flickr, this is handy when wanting to quickly post when travelling, for example, and then later on being able to reprocess the image and reupload/relink it to the blog, if necessary. In contrast, I see 500px as a place to show very carefully thought through images with definitive postprocessing applied to them every time.

Here's hoping that will go on from strength to strength as it gains in popularity and user numbers.

And by the way, I must say how pleased I am that for the last couple of days now, titles and tags from Lightroom metadata, as well as descrptions, are showing up automatically after upload. This is such a time saver compared with how it was when i did my first uploads on 500px. So was it working at some time before I joined up, and then not working for a while? Or did I have any part in this by asking for it in the help forum? I'd noted there that just about all photography hosting sites, such as SmugMug, Zenfolio and Flickr, take up metadata text quite automatically, and that it really needed to be so on 500px, too. Now with this great change, uploading's a breeze!

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