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Andy Chabot

Andy Chabot



For the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. You can find my work in magazines, calendars, catalogs and almost any other type of printed media. I've had the benefit of working for some of the toughest Art Directors and Editors this industry has. Through this experience, I’ve developed the ability to create beautiful images of beautiful women. My formal education in photography started at The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California. At Brooks I learned the technical side of creating images from one of the foremost photography schools in the world. It was through my education at Brooks that I was able to meet my mentor, Arny Freytag, probably the top “glamour” photographer in the industry and Playboy's #1 lensman. I give the majority of the educational credit for my ability to Arny. While working with the top photographer, at the top publication in the business, I was able to develop a working knowledge of the industry few will ever attain. Arny Freytag was not only a great example to work under, but he was the best teacher a person could ask for. While working for Arny, I was able to develop my own style that eventually started to land some assignments at Playboy. Today, my images appear in magazines like Maxim, Stuff, Muscle and Fitness, Sport Magazine, many different Playboy Publications as well as online at catalogs, advertisements, calendars and portfolios of models from all over the country.

6 Weeks and Counting

Published December 1st, 2011

I've been on 500px now for about six weeks. The feedback I have received has been very nice... I thoroughly enjoy the comments and I'm especially pleased at the feedback from photographers from so many different countries.

Thank You.

What I really enjoy about this site is the amount of awesome work that is displayed here... I spend far too much time on here browsing the work of others...

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10/17/2011 Day one with 500px

Published October 17th, 2011

10/17/2011 is day on for my work on 500px. There will be quite the learning curve here, as I'm a little slow to get on board with different technology. So, if I don't answer a comment or somehow seem disinterested, give me a little time to get my feet wet here...


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