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Anette Mossbacher

Anette Mossbacher



My passion for Nature Photography began in my early childhood. My father and I would spend a lot of time in our local forests observing Wildlife. I became fascinated at this early age with Mother Nature. So began a life long passion to observe and explore the Natural World. Today my passion has become a full time job as a Nature Photographer. I travel the globe from the cold harsh Arctic to the lush rainforests of Borneos Orangutan and to the remote African Wilderness in search of Desert Elephants and the endangered African Lion. Many have a romantic notion of the life of a Nature Photographer but few realise the harsh and difficult conditions and sacrifices we have to endure in order to capture unique Photographs. My Wildlife and Landscape Photographs have been published in numerous publications worldwide and has featured as winners in prestigious International Awards. I have worked for several companies for commissions worldwide. I run photography workshops in Greenland, Japan, India and of course in Africa.
  • Canon: 1 DX | MKIV's
  • Lenses: Many and way to heavy :))
  • Tripods, Flash & Lee filters ...etc.
  • Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Professional
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