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Angelia Cross

Angelia Cross



I have always been interested in photography, but I didn't get really serious about it until I had my first daughter. I am always looking for something to take a photo of. If I see something I will often times think, hmm, I wonder how this would look in my camera? When my daughter was born my ex-husband and I took her to get her photos done, but once we got there and had the pictures done we realized we couldn't afford them. And, to make matters worse, they didn't look that good, so I started taking my own pictures. I bought my first camera the year she was born. I learned how manipulate the settings to achieve what I wanted from that photo. I never bought another photo from a "chain" company again. I used that camera until I had outgrown it and that's when I upgraded to the brand that I have now, which is Sony. I have upgraded throughout the years and I am a faithful Sony user. I decided to go into business because I wanted to offer people quality photos at a reasonable price. I know what it is like to want to capture those moments and not be able to afford them. I work with a wonderful printing company who offers me great quality at a price low enough that I can keep my prices affordable. I take pride in making my customers feel like they are very important. The whole photographing process is an experience and something that should be taken very serious, but at the same time should be fun. If your not happy I'm not happy. We offer a full range of products at prices you can afford.

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