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The Inner Prison

Published May 8th, 2013

This Story is a project against child abuse.

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It was a long, long road...

Published March 21st, 2013

Story about the paths of people...

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The Woman in White

Published March 15th, 2013

Interpretation of a German/Bavarian Myth about a female ghost.

While alive the woman was a widow and mother of 2 children. She fell deeply in love with a man, who told her that he would marry her, if there weren't "these 4 eyes". Thinking he ment her children, she totally lost her mind and killed them. At the end "these 4 eyes" were the man's parents, who didn't want him to marry this woman. Seeing her going crazy and killing her children the man distanced himself from her.

This is an interpreation of this story...and a project. Time after time I will shoot different scenes of this story and upload them here...

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Do NOT ask me about my business

Published January 6th, 2013

A Gangster's Tale

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~ Der Preis der Vergangenheit ~

Published October 31st, 2012

A story about a woman, who lost her husband in a car accident. From this day on she tries to go on with her life without the feeling of guilt, that keeps tracking her. In the end she fails to leave her past behind.

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