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Apollo Reyes

Apollo Reyes



L.A based - Apollo Reyes lived in Hong Kong for 25+ years and worked as a Graphics Artist/Production Editor for a well known monthly yachting publication called Fragrant Harbour . . . He also did a stint for a textile/fashion magazine called Textile Asia . . . Moving to Los Angeles, he later opened up his pet project called Apollonized Imaging . . . More about me: My never ending quest for better images . . . What am I ? I love photos. I love making photos more alive. I've been editing photos for many years now. Everyday is a learning experience. Some works I have done years ago that I was so proud of - now I'd rather put them under the rug and pretend it never happened. Who knows - the photo processing I do right now that I feel is superior enough (to my liking) might just be ordinary later on down the road . . . Amazingly enough though, there are some 'light and easy' edits I have done and thought were very mundane - and yet are well received once I put it out there !! and vice versa . . . I guess that shows you that there is just a vast amount of different tastes and preferences that will differ from your own. Reminds me of the saying - someone's garbage is always someone else's treasure . . . ? :) As I learn to improve my craft day to day, I just hope that my audience see and FEEL the improvements as well . . . For years I have never really considered myself as a photographer . . . I have always 'been an editor . . . but lately I have seen myself getting more engaged in shooting stuff myself and working on them consecutively to bring out the features and make them shine thru :) I have just invested in a DSLR, and will put my humble iPhone aside . . . I am a little comfortable to see myself as a photog . . . but I am still an infant when it comes to the vast knowledge of this craft . . . There is an infinite amount of wonderful things to learn . . . and I wake up each and everyday looking forward to what the day has in store for me to learn . . . Would you consider me as a photographer ? ? ? -Apollo :)
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