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Arnab Banerjee

Arnab Banerjee



An avid photographer with a passion for discovering new places, has finally got me into writing blogs for fellow travelers. Economical travels with decent stays have always been the aim of all my trips. The hunger to travel to new off-road places would always require meticulous planning. The anxious wait to plan these travels for the forthcoming year would end by December of every year. The company holiday list would be memorized by-heart by first week of January each year. Then starts the planning to discover or re-discover new locations, which are untouched, serene and unspoilt by common man yet. Though over the past few years of meticulous planning, I have experienced and learned one important thing. i.e. “an unplanned trip works better than a planned one” I would clarify and elaborate my statement in the later stages of my blog. Food has also been a weakness in all my travels. A voracious foodie, with the taste-buds vying for home cooked food, always takes me to the houses of the locals and the natives. The variety of spices and herbs in the local food gives a chance for our taste senses to rejuvenate.
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