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Artofdan Photography

Artofdan Photography

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after 2 years, i am back on 500px! some peoples know, why i am not here for so long time! i present you my best works here of past 8 years! thank you for watching! ***Swiss photographer Dani Fehr is one of the pillars of VOLO magazine.The magazine first authorized photographer in Switzerland. Dani produced consistent amazingness in every set he shoots. His work has been published in multiple issues of VOLO as well as websites like Met-Art and Michelle7.Dani is a rare talent and has the uncanny sense of timing watch lets him capture the soul and feelings of his subjects minds through his pictures. He is quiet the legend in the nude art photography world already and with every set , he further establishes his dominance. When whe ask him to discribe his works he says: it is my vision to generate an image world of timeless value and i want to express feelings and emotions in my pictures. sensuality, passion, thoughtfulness, desire and erotic are only a few examples which represent my work. i realize my ideas on several outdoor spots but also in my 200sqm studio which is located in an old factory. my photographic areas are mainly artistic nude, nude art, erotic, lingerie, beauty and portrait. VOLO magazine issue 12*** ***Swiss photographer Dani Fehr, better known by the moniker, ArtofDan, has earned himself a legion of fans over recent years. His nudes on display at websites such as and struck an immediate chord and with viewers, given their vibrant energy, superb clarity, and spectacular lighting ... not to mention the extraordinarily beautiful, youthful models he works with. But he is one of those rare talents that creates art with their cameras. His images are more than simples nudes of a pretty girl, they are moments-in-time captured and imbued with an incredible sense of eros, drama, and fantastic artistry. His range showcases color and black & white; his locations are indoors, outdoors, and in the studio; and his message runs the gamut from simple portraits-of-beauty to powerful, guttural sexuality. This is an amazing body of work. One can only marvel at what the next five years will bring from this artist. review by Joaquín del Castello Gilbert, Editor of*** Works: Metart | Volo Magazine | Thelifeerotic | Michelle7 | Pictures | Artistic Nudes | nude & erotic art exhibition 2013 | Erotika Magazin | AN Magazine | Royal Cheese | Nopublica | Tavosiena | Photography Masters Cup | MERIT OF EXCELLENCE 2012 | 2nd place ( photographers companion | chinese online photo magazine sensual photography - book | ( HEYE women kalender 2013 | ( HEYE women kalender 2014 | ( model maze magazine | Kiddo ( View Stern | myNude - View Spotlight ( Photography Masters Cup | HONORABLE MENTION 2011 ( JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH | Kalender 2012 ( PHOTOGRAPHIE | 1. platz | akt-verführerische formen ( trierenberg super circuit | gold medal of esthetics 2011 ( trierenberg super circuit | gold medal of excellence 2010 ( stern ( penthouse ( picspack ( fc plus magazin ( news austria ( njulezz | syma ( proudmusiclibrary ( flyness ( klassische bühnenkunst ( dacordesign ( fotohits ( trade fairs international ( expodata ( swissrussian ( tagblatt ( thurgauer zeitung ( 20 minuten ( fototest ( projects: annual calendar 2008 (fine nude art) annual calendar 2009 (private investigations) annual calendar 2010 (absolute artofdan) annual calendar 2011 (110% artofdan) annual calendar 2012 (relaxing moments) annual calendar 2012 (steel fever) annual calendar 2013 (sensuality) annual calendar 2014 (legendary) print book 2009 (private investigations) print book 2010 (absolute artofdan) print book | ebook 2011 "erotic journey" print book 2012 "prinzessin aurora" print book | ebook 2012 "Saju - erotic adventure" print book | ebook 2012 "Anna - secrets" print book | ebook 2012 "Artofdan - best of 5 years" print book | ebook 2013 "Saju - in bath with me" print book | ebook 2013 "Saju - in bath with me" print book | ebook 2013 "Katya - erotic eyes" print book | ebook 2013 "Katya - flower girl" print book | ebook 2013 "Saju - fragile"
  • Nikon D700
  • Nikkor 50mm f1.8, Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8, Nikkor 28-70mm f2.8, Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8
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