New York, New York

Published January 2nd, 2013

I had the amazing opportunity to visit New York City for the first time on New Year's Eve 2012. I must admit, being a girl from a very small town in Ohio, I was a little nervous about walking through Manhattan especially on the city's busiest night of the year, but, honestly, I had the most amazing experience. I encountered the friendliest, most accommodating people, the police were incredibly amiable and helpful with directions and any questions, and the food was the best I've ever had. My only regret is that more time couldn't have been spent there. I would love to be able to take a week and explore and photograph it more thoroughly, especially when the weather is warmer.

We crossed into Manhattan on the George Washington Bridge and parked at Battery Park, which allowed us the convenience of having W 42nd St right across the street. By 3:30 barricades were being set up and unfortunately we were unable to gain access to Times Square by the time we arrived. Still, we were able to cove ...

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