Reason to Grow

Published May 4th, 2012

Photography was not an inherited love for me, but it was an inherent love that blossomed swiftly. It crept up unawares in the dawn of a new era in my life when both finances were available and the family unit was to expand. I also had no idea I would want to pursue it so fervently as to learn the business of professional photography, but it would become a part-time pleasure to practice.

It was not a difficult decision for me back in 2006, but being an dSLR newbie at the time I realised the virtues of backward lens compatibility with some research and appreciated the solid build in the K100D, prompting me to pick up a twin lens kit to start off with. Prior to going SLR, I’d only ever been shooting with compact film cameras but enjoyed being able to frame and compose images from a viewfinder. I even went back to a film SLR camera (the Pentax ME) and manual fast fifty for an overseas trip that I wanted to sharpen my basic skills with. Digital SLR photography opened my horizons on being a ...

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