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Daniele Zedda

Daniele Zedda



Hey, I am Daniel, self-taught freelance visual artist specialized in photography and video making based in Rome (for now). I feel like I am born every day, each moment I learn something new, something beautiful and unique. "This" is how I work, how I see the world, how I feel it, how I live it. On the side I am also a teacher, I love to teach, love to see people grow under my eyes through my imputs and learn from other's progres. Most of all, as I said, I am a never done studying student, always opened to suggestions and ideas. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in what I do. I hope you enjoy my work. :)

Night in Rome

Published June 16th, 2011

So a couple weeks ago I did something quite interesting that I should have done way before.

I spent a whole (from 1am to 6:30am) weekday (to minimize people) night (tuesday) walking around my city.

Rome was totally different from what I am used to, the TOTAL lack of people and cars made the city look like a theme park.

Maybe I was just lucky but I've encountered like 10 cars the whole night and like 5-6 people, really crazy.

The quietness of everything, being able to walk around in the middle of the street and stopping whenever you want to sit down your tripod and take a picture is truly unique, especially if you are used to all the noise, people and chaos this city offers.

Bottom line?

I suggest visiting Rome by night, just sleep the whole day and walk around the city at night time to enjoy the surreal feeling of being in a deserted city.

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Published June 8th, 2011

Incredibly weird portrait session at Manuela's house, I was a subject.

The piano music, the film shooting and me unable to pose made it felt like part of a movie from the 50s.

After my pictures were done I decided to grab one of her, I felt like cheating being able to look at the screen on the back of my camera while every photo before was secretly hidden just in Manuela's mind and in the film. I only shot two pictures, and this is one of them.

Check out her work:

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A couple pics...

Published May 30th, 2011

So I went shooting this weekend and I wanted to see what the new 28mm would perform.

These are basically just from a 30 min walk in the woods at the end of the day.

I really really like the rendering of the lens with it's sharp but dreamy look going on.

Unfortunately I suck at street photography, and my failed attempts to try the lens in a walk in Rome gave me no keepers.

Anyone want to teach me some street photography? :)

PS: The focus ring on my Olympus 35 RD went loose and I have to try and fix the thing :S

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Lucky day

Published May 18th, 2011

So I've been searching ebay for a used 70s film rangefinder for cheap lately and noticed that they are strangely getting a lot of attention making their prices go higher than I would want.

I had my eye on something from the Olympus 35 line but was waiting for the right price on one.

Well, today I was just cruisin the web again and found just what I was looking for from a dude close by and at a very reasonable price!

So I bit the bullet and got it: an Olympus 35 RD!

It's mechanically in very good shape, the rangefinder works and the silent shutter trips with ease :)

I bought some cheap Kodak color film to try it out and had a blast loading it in the cam.

I'll be shooting this baby tomorrow if I find something worth wasting a frame on.

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New lens!

Published May 17th, 2011

Last week I got my new lens finally!

After much confusion I opted for a Voigtlander 28mm f/2 lens as I REALLY needed something between my 15mm and my 50mm.

On my Leica M8 the voigtlander has a 37mm field of view which makes it perfect for reportage and up-and-close-and-personal portraits the way I like them.

The lens is mechanically fantastic, it's all metal like all rangefinder lenses and just silky smooth in operation.

The couple of test shots I took show excellent sharpness wide open and clinical detail once stopped down.

Overall it looks like a keeper.

More to come in my review once I get better use of it :)

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