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A couple pics...

Published May 30th, 2011

So I went shooting this weekend and I wanted to see what the new 28mm would perform.
These are basically just from a 30 min walk in the woods at the end of the day.
I really really like the rendering of the lens with it's sharp but dreamy look going on.

Unfortunately I suck at street photography, and my failed attempts to try the lens in a walk in Rome gave me no keepers.

Anyone want to teach me some street photography? :)

PS: The focus ring on my Olympus 35 RD went loose and I have to try and fix the thing :S



Check out the bokeh :) even at a not so close focus.

  • Leica Camera AG M8 Digital Camera
  • f/2 / 1/30 sec


Just me being creepy

  • Leica Camera AG M8 Digital Camera
  • f/2.8 / 1/60 sec

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