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Ava Pivot

Ava Pivot



Interest in photography was awakened by coincidence, interest became passion and passion became profession… Born as the child of a renowned artist family in January 1980 in Starnberg, Ava’s affinity for arts was literally laid into her cradle. She absolved a conventional, at that time still analog, apprenticeship as a photographer by Rolf Hartenfels (R.I.P.). Following up on master school and study of design and a small scale assistance, she was perfectly capable of masterly fulfilling large orders, for instance image catalogues, campaigns and look-books, for renowned fashion labels. In the time from 2007 to 2011 Ava swapped her camera for a job as a graphic designer. Her true love though always remained photography. 2012 marked her return to full time photography. Pictures that require a strong sensuality and tell stories characterize her work. Having an extensive empathy for her models, numerous actors have up to now gladly betaken themselves to Ava for intimate and remarkable photos. Gaining an increasing popularity in fashion- and photography magazines, her nude photography decorates meanwhile a large number of international galleries. Always looking for soul and emotions in her pictures, she agrees with Coco Chanel’s point of view: “Female nudity has to be given to men with a teaspoon, not a ladle” The former chief editor of a well known magazine about Ava: “Ava’s works are distinguished for showing the being and not merely the look of a person. It’s fitting to say that she manages to transport “soul and emotion” and to capture a wonderful sensuality. Ava’s remarkable feeling for the use of daylight and her very own pictorial language through playing with depth of field, perspective and back light make her pictures so intense.”
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