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Alessio Putzu

Alessio Putzu



Alessio is a Landscape Photographer from Italy based in London for work purpose to expand his knowledge and to prove himself. Always amazed by astronomy , manages to expand his knowledge of the stars in the firmament reading books and spending nights out in the mountains by himself and his DSLR. Among years passed hiking in southern Sardinia, begins to love more and more the nature that surrounds him, getting into landscape photography . Self-taught with a lot of practice in the field, with these expectations he has continued to experiment with various techniques, with one among all the others, Long Exposure Photography. Always searching the most interesting compositions to give to the locations his creative contribution with his technique. For him planning the picture days before it would be taken, is really important. Having the right tide, the perfect clouds, the composition connected to all the ephemeris, would bring to him the perfect planned shot right on camera avoiding all those steps on post processing.
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