Out of focus

Published September 8th, 2011

I love street photography even if i'm new at this kind of art. I find it funny, touching and taking picture of strangers, pointing my camera at their faces hoping that they won't get angry, it's really emotional and rewarding. I find 'street" quite unpredictable, where there are moments that you miss and pictures that come out different (better or worse) than you thought. Here's an example of a photo that was quite a surprise. As you see, the girl is clearly out of focus.
That's because she wasn't my subject. In fact, i was pointing at the old man that you can see in the background, standing between the arcs, near the center of my composition. Since the fuji x100 takes a little to focus accurately, i took a pair of second more to shoot and check the composition and in the meantime, these two girls walked in front of me, one staring directly at the camera. When i took the picture i realised that the picture i wanted to take, completely changed in a candid, out of focus, unthought portrait.

How can you not love street photography?



  • September 2nd, 2011
  • Fujifilm FinePix X100
  • 23mm / f/4 / 1/480 sec

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Emanuele Toscano  about 5 years ago
Well, it's not really difficult. You can start with longer focal and try to decrease them as soon you're more confident. I'm still new to street, and i started with a 35mm that means being really close. The first time it was a mess and i'm still using trick as shooting and keeping tha camera to my eye until the subject goes away so he thinks i was shooting something else or focusing, pointing to some object around and as soon the subject is relaxed, recompose again on him. But sometimes you have to shoot without thinking, tricks or techniques or it is a missed moment and i need a loto of work to improve. I hope to become enough self-confident so i won't care of the reactions as Gilden for example. But it's such a fantastic experience that you HAVE to try to overcome your fears.
Andrew de Castro  about 5 years ago
Been trying to get the courage to start taking more street portraits but I always end up backing away because of shyness. I wish there was a pill I could swallow to give me the confidence to just ask and shoot.
Street unCovered  about 5 years ago
Great photo! Yep that's shooting street, anyhting can happen and sometimes it happens right in front of you in a split second. I'm with you ... How can you not love street photography!! cheers ...Tim