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Emanuele  Toscano

Emanuele Toscano



  • Fujifilm x100
  • Canon EOS 400d
  • Fujifilm X-E2
  • Mamiya RZ67
  • Canon AE-1 Program
  • Canon MC
  • Olympus XA-4 Macro

STREET \ At cose distance...

Published April 29th, 2014

Takin' photos in a bus can become problematic if you are not confident enough or you don't have the right spirit to get involved in a closed environment, in close contact with the subjects without the possibility of escape. It's a normal behaviour happens...there are good days and bad days and you feel it even more when you have to raise the bar and go in close contact with strangers. Even today, i always experience fear of the bad days, when raising the camera becomes almost impossible and you're always two feet too far.

Moving closer to your subjects, especially in an environment like this, becomes a personal challenge that can turn into a street-photography gym...ah, i'm not talking about laws and regulations...i do not know and i do not even care...perhaps it is also illegal to take pictures in a bus or a train full of people. I'm speaking about of the consequences of taking photos in such a context...which usually are two:

1 - You have to interact with the subject

2 - The ...

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"The difference..."

Published February 23rd, 2013

Sometimes a good story can cover up some technical issues.

Take this photo, that doesn’t follow the thirds rules, not really balanced, definitely not a “beautiful” photo. It was difficult to take…i was close to a glass window, one step back, and the wall around me would appear on my frame, as long as an ugly black tube on the the front of the door so, i had only one frame composition possibility and not a good one.

But there’s the story fortunately.

See the hands of the young couple? See the hands of the lonely man observing them, with envy, maybe? A strong symbol, two hands of two people in love and the lonely hands of a lonely man, closed togheter on the same manner. Maybe they’re even the real subject of the photo. It’s not about the candid nature of the picture, and not about the eye contact. It’s not a portrait and it’s not a love story. It’s about an hypotetical difference between a “love story” and “not having someone who loves you”. A difference highlighted by the space betw ...

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Published January 29th, 2013

I saw the firefighter’s truck arriving on the place where i was standing and suddenly i noticed a possible juxtaposition:. a man was in front of me with a jacket and a red stripe crossing it and on the top, a road sign with a man and another red stripe. So i waited a few seconds so that the truck could enter on my frame and i took the photo. When i came back at home and looked at this photo i could notice that the juxtaposition was definitely here, but something was missing. Composition is quite good because i managed to create a visual connection between the man and the truck. Light is good and even if the eye contact is missing it is not the main target fir this kind of photo. So what’s the problem? Simply, is not a beautiful photo and for me it’s the main problem with some juxtaposition: few of them are beautiful and they’re only successful if they’re really striking. This is not the case, the juxtaposition is not strong enough. Maybe without a title as “Red stripes” few people woul ...

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Out of focus

Published September 8th, 2011

I love street photography even if i'm new at this kind of art. I find it funny, touching and taking picture of strangers, pointing my camera at their faces hoping that they won't get angry, it's really emotional and rewarding. I find 'street" quite unpredictable, where there are moments that you miss and pictures that come out different (better or worse) than you thought. Here's an example of a photo that was quite a surprise. As you see, the girl is clearly out of focus.

That's because she wasn't my subject. In fact, i was pointing at the old man that you can see in the background, standing between the arcs, near the center of my composition. Since the fuji x100 takes a little to focus accurately, i took a pair of second more to shoot and check the composition and in the meantime, these two girls walked in front of me, one staring directly at the camera. When i took the picture i realised that the picture i wanted to take, completely changed in a candid, out of focus, unthought portra ...

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