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Eye-shot Festivals (Part 1)

Published January 19th, 2013

A gala they call it! What can be seen? Celebrations, animated faces, brilliant colors and leading-edge costumes are all what can be captured during festivals. India has a wide variety of festivals, each of which gives many photo opportunities. The best thing about Indian festivals is that anyone and everyone participate, regardless of it not being their religion or community. Celebrations have many reasons and festivals are the most important event to trigger.

Some may think that shooting during a festival is only to capture photographs that are subjected to the crowds, but that’s not only it. You need to capture the emotions and the excitement that the people around share in certain situations. It helps to build up a very strong yet meaningful image around the mood. You have to be quick and very innovative during such important events because here everyone is out on the streets enjoying themselves. In some festivals, families come together to share a talk or two, that’s the moment when you have been given the chance to capture the togetherness and warm-like emotions on them

Children during festivals steal the lime-light! The only way to grab their attention from all the whoopee that they do, is to please them with your camera’s. They get very excited to pose in front of the camera and give you some amazing shots that have a long-lasting backlash on people.

Look out for the pre-celebration moments, when everyone is busy in decorating the streets and preparing for the festivals. If you wish to create a festive album for any festival, some photographs from such a scenario would really animate your album. People get really enthusiastic about festivals and before that they love to endow upon certain things to get thing swift and easy. They makers are the real stars as they are to the ones who make everything possible!

Travelling with your tripod can be very risky and a difficult task for some, so I suggest that you gear-up in a much convenient manner to avoid difficulties later. The next best thing is to capture during those silent moments when everyone seems to be thanking God for such a wonderful atmosphere and festive season. In-depth and dramatic photographs are the ‘next best thing’ to your album. You could probably finish off your album with an essay if you begin from the start until the end.

Never forget to take a stroll to some high buildings where you can get an immense view of the celebrations below you. That way you can see and show the exuberance way of celebrating in our awesome country.

Every festival is boisterous and full of color; so much is happening around you that you might even get color blind for some seconds. Capturing those colors and the shades of the acts really makes you smile. They are the leading photographs that people will expect of you.

Fun-filled portraits and amazing poses is a must. Strangers out on the street will also fake a smile for you sometimes if you’re really into it. But usually everyone seems to enjoy themselves so if you make them pose for you, they will sure as hell do it animatedly. As I have already told this to you, pay attention to children as they make a great subject for candid photos. Besides light and framing, expressions matter a lot. Interacting with the people around you can snap good ‘group’ photographs as well.

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