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Ayesha Dhurue

Ayesha Dhurue



The best thing I love about photography is that you can't understand it until you see it.

Eye-shot Festivals (Part 1)

Published January 19th, 2013

A gala they call it! What can be seen? Celebrations, animated faces, brilliant colors and leading-edge costumes are all what can be captured during festivals. India has a wide variety of festivals, each of which gives many photo opportunities. The best thing about Indian festivals is that anyone and everyone participate, regardless of it not being their religion or community. Celebrations have many reasons and festivals are the most important event to trigger.

Some may think that shooting during a festival is only to capture photographs that are subjected to the crowds, but that’s not only it. You need to capture the emotions and the excitement that the people around share in certain situations. It helps to build up a very strong yet meaningful image around the mood. You have to be quick and very innovative during such important events because here everyone is out on the streets enjoying themselves. In some festivals, families come together to share a talk or two, that’s the moment wh ...

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The golden moments

Published December 30th, 2012

Every now and then you would enjoy the golden hour of the day. Sunset photographs ironically make you feel warm from the inside out. Reality can be terrifying but sunsets are always the good ones. From hardships to an easy life you need to feel that ‘feeling of relief’ as you look at the sun take a dip into the sea. My very first photograph was of a woman who was deep in her thoughts looking at the sun during the golden hours, simple yet magnificent I couldn’t help but click.

Some of the most helpful tips that I have come across when it comes to shoot at the golden hours….

The very first rookie mistake that some of us make as amateur photographers is that we arrive at our location either too later or too early. Be aware of the sunset timings in your city as they may vary from place to place. Arrive an hour or two early at the proper destination so that you get time to observe the changing colors of the sky.

During sunsets, usually the clouds play a very important role in the sky.The ...

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Snapshot Reality

Published December 30th, 2012

What isn’t there can make a difference….

Can there be something or anything out there that makes you think what you want to think. Addressing yourself under some or little experience can get you through the toughest of times. I write on this subject because some of the photographs that I have clicked and seen have changed my thinking to the most complicated yet simple aspects. I can only think of those empty yet meaningful photographs that highlight certain paths of life, the eye can only watch but the inner us gives them meaning. Photographs for me isn’t something out of a camera, it’s much more….

Photography for me is the only way that helps you to connect your imagination to reality. There is no possible way other than this that can express your imaginative skills in color or bnw. Writing about a particular photograph is just another way to reason or get in touch with reality. What isn’t there can make you believe that there is. Concepts have changed the look of life; it has made ...

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