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Ayush Das

My Interest in photography started when I was in high school. With a steady diet of home cooked Indian food (Bengali food to be precise) coupled with greasy and fatty blockbuster films by Michael Bay, Speilberg and Cameron;it took me to another level.

Then later, in 2003, a degree in Business Administration reinforced my desire to get into Film Studies and the art of Motion pictures. My interests in the different genres of films widened. It was at this time that I felt the need to create moving images.

Photography has very little to do with the camera only. It's about what and how I look at the world. A photograph is much more than it's description. Decades ago there used to be one camera, with a standard lens attached. People felt the need to capture certain shapes formed by light. Portraits of their relatives, inanimate objects, their pets, important events; things that touched their heart. A part of their lives was captured forever and they held the proof in their hands, in the form of pictures which would then be passed down to different generations.

I studied cinematography in film school for 2 years. It is an art, a habit, a way of life; that takes years to master. Since 2010 I have been working independently on various projects. There is a lot to do. A lot to change. A lot of lives to touch. And that is just the very beginning of my life as a Photographer & Filmmaker

Pierre Poulain's work interests me a great deal. Mr Poulain is known for striking the right balance between philosophy and photography.He says "mastering the technical aspect is essential, because only then the technical aspect can be forgotten."

For me, traveling the world with a camera is one dream I can't wait to turn into a reality.

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