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Steve Perry

Steve Perry

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I’m Steve and I have a problem. I love the outdoors. I’m never quite as happy as when I’m freezing my rump off waiting for a sunrise to light up a mountain, spending hours searching for some cool animal, or paddling my kayak in search of some rare bird. Sure, most nature photographers want you to think they’re killing themselves and it’s absolute torture to go out and make an image – well, not me! I think it’s a privilege. The truth is, I use the camera as an excuse to go out and experience some of the most amazing places in the backcountry. Then I do my best to capture what I see and share it with you. See, as much as I love shooting the image, I love sharing them even more. I want you to see what I’ve seen and experience it (less the bug bites) with these little snaps I take. So, thank you for stopping by – in reality YOU’RE the one doing me the favor If I didn’t have someone to share my photos with, there wouldn’t be much point in taking them in the first place, ya know? And then I wouldn’t have a good excuse to play in the woods all day. So, yeah, I’m just a guy in the woods (desert, swamp, etc) with a camera.
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