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Mark Ivkovic

Mark Ivkovic



UK based professional photographer - Yorkshire // Manchester // London Mark never really wanted to be a photographer when he was a kid. He wanted to make cartoons with Walt Disney, he spent his time locked up in his room making little animations and telling his stories through little cartoon characters. Then I guess he grew up, his childhood ambition to spend his days surrounded by Micky Mouse and Donald Duck gave way to feeling the need to be cool and impressing girls. Photography still had no part in this. Sports however, did. He was always the kid who when everyone zigged, he zagged. Skateboarding, snowboarding and rock climbing became his passion, and this is when he discovered the camera as a tool of documenting and journalling this life. From here he eventually discovered that the world has many stories that remain to be told, many things that remain to be said but aren't. So he has remained dedicated to using his talent behind the lens to convey to the world its beauty, its scars and its ridiculousness. He chooses photography (or perhaps it chose him) to tell these stories from his view point, fashion is stories, is fairytale, is make believe, it can be anything we wish it to be. Mark is driven by the passion to create in a world always hunting for new ideas. Together he hopes to tell the stories of those he works with. He still zigs when everyone else zags. He also finds it absolutely ludicrous writing about himself in third person. Clients & Publications Turing Pro - Professional Photographer (Cover) (Print) Gracia Magazine (UK) (Print) Cosmopolitan (On Campus) (UK) (Print) One&Other Magazine (Print) Professional Photographer Magazine (Print) Photography Monthly Magazine (Print) (Interview) Urban Coco / Leeds Shopping Guide (Cover) (Print) Wove Magazine (Cover) (Editorial) (Print) (Web) Chasseur Magazine (Web) Pause Magazine (Web) Leica Masters (Web) Urban Coco (Web) Image Nation Exhibition fStoppers website featured photographer Lenszine interview JimBagUK (2013 Launch Campaign) EDUCATE & ELEVATE (2012 Look Book, 2013 Back to '92 Campaign) ATQM (2013 Summer Campaign) Debenhams (Print & Web) National Trust - Advertising, Editorial, Literature, Promo (Print & Web) Yorkshire Life Magazine (Print)
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