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Beat Eisele

Beat Eisele



Swiss photographer based in a little village near Zurich. I am not a professional. But I produce pictures with a professional attitude. And a lot of passion. * I like: Irene & Noemi, My brother and my niece, Warm rain in summer at the sea, french fries with mustardsauce, the smell of old books, Every single songline of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Zurich, feeling alive and healthy, cookies, the sound of a camera shutter, when somebody on the street I've never seen before smiles at me, thunderstorms, beeing happy without a reason, beautiful people, Movies with Romy Schneider, Croissants, good and healthy food, perfect soft light, Surfing the web for hours at night, a perfect clean flat, this specific moment when you press the button of your camera and instantly know that this will be a perfect picture, cakes, women in white tanktops, fast cars, enormous huge white completely empty rooms, museums, the sun, talking about complete nonsense, good and fresh boiled coffee, reading letters, trainstations, Fajitas with loads of onion, things that happen completely unexpected, nouvelle vague, kissing, having all my music with me on my iPod, Charles Bukowski, chocolate, beautiful women, be able to sleep, fresh washed and ironed white shirts, high heels, Chicken Pepitos, driving empty roads at night, airports, Nespresso, summertime, marilyn manson, switzerland, women talking english with a french accent, green thai curry, Aston Martin Vanquishes, a white piece of paper and a pencil, trains, believing in love, getting the turnaround after a fotocrisis, women who tell rude jokes, the sea, penguins, luxury watches, everything containing caffeine, my camera, Ice Tea, my iPhone, female legs, Having finally a print of a picture I was working on in my hands, Sirens at night when I am safe at home, rain, sleeping the first night in my own bed after a long travel, overknee boots, getting a train in the very last minute, the color red.
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