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Bego  Guillén Montero

Bego Guillén Montero



Amateur photographer, based in Basque Country and self-taught, since April 2001, date in wich more seriously began my career with an SLR camera in my hands before moving on to digital. That year, I can say that the trip I made to Egypt marked a before and after in my conception of photography and directed my steps towards the idea of pthotographing everything around me in a more artistic way, especially the landscape showing the water as a main element: sea, rivers. Even though I live inland, I´m especially attracted to the coast. Today, I can say that photography occupies a very important place in my life, for me, taking the camera means travelling, moving in nature and enjoying moment, the air, the water, the sun, the silence, the noise, the waves and… lonliness, visiting places and then sharing experiences. My goal is to get everybody who sees my photos feel the similar emotions that I had at the time to perform them. Thanks for visiting my site, I would like you to enjoy the beauty of the seascapes that I show here. Argazkigintza nire zaletasuna da, paisaiaz gozatzeko aukera ematen didana, urarekin lotuta dauden lekuak oso gustokoak ditut: errekak, ibaiak, ur saltoak, itsasoa... La fotografía es el hobby que me permite disfrutar de los paisajes, me encantan los lugares relacionados con el agua: arroyos, ríos, saltos de agua, el mar...
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