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Darren Sethe

Darren Sethe



You will notice that I do not have one certain style. I love everything from HDR landscapes to street photography. I enjoy it all and want to do it all. I became seriously addicted to photography when I was a teenager in the late 70's. I soon discovered that making a living with photography didn't appeal to me because I felt it would take much of the joy out of it. So I kept it as a hobby. Throughout my early adulthood, I became more interested in having fun, girls, my job and having even more fun, so photography became less important. The expense and lack of choices to display my work also discouraged me. Now I have the internet to display my work, and I can afford equipment a bit more than I used to. So here I am again, having tons of fun with my Wife, (also a photo enthusiast) stopping moments in time with our little clicky machines!

My personal opinion on photo titles.

Published April 10th, 2012

I sometimes really struggle with how I feel about this. I love creativity and I love poetry. But it seems strange to post a photo of a flower in a field and then title it with the name of a song that has nothing to do with a flower, field, nature, growing or anything in the picture. If it's not a song title then the photographer will try to come up with the most "poetic" title they can think of...again, having little to nothing to do with the photo. The word that comes to mind is "pretentious". I really don't know why this bugs me. Maybe I was abused by a poet when I was a child and have repressed the memories.

The opposite end of the bad title spectrum is no title at all, or even worse (shudder) the image number that the camera gives it. If you do any of the above, know that I don't take this subject all that seriously. I still love to look at your photos. I may have even named a photo "life" or "The Spirit of Love" or something myself. I'm just venting and ranting ...

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"What are you doing??"

Published August 4th, 2011

As my interest in photography revived, I started taking more pictures. And the more I take pictures in public, the more I'm hearing the phrase, "What are you doing?" from strangers and friends. There are variations on that theme, such as "Why are you taking a picture of the water??" It seems that non-artistic types do not understand why anyone would point a camera at anything other than people standing in front of stuff.

My Wife (also a photographer) and I have had many discussions about feeling uncomfortable taking photos while other people are around because......they will look at us. But I naively thought that people would see a camera in front of my face and deduce that I'm attempting to artistically capture some sort of scene. But no, the woman observing me pointing my lens at a long row of school buses wants to know what I'm doing. The temptation to refer to Mad Magazine's "Snappy answers to stupid questions" is strong....must ...resist... saying "I'm working an ...

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