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Béla Török

Béla Török

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Hi Everyone, my name is Béla and I live with my family in Budapest, Hungary. I have a 19-year old son and a beautiful wife. I am a self-taught amateur photographer. Taking pictures became one of my hobbies a few years ago, and now I can hardly understand how I could live without my camera before. I hope you will enjoy viewing my works. Thanks for your visit, Béla PS. Because from some of the members I recieved requests in connection with the votings I write my ideas. For me the main reason of being on this site is not the contest. I just love to watch the fabulous images and I try to learn from other members. My voting system is the following: 1. I comment, Like and Fav just those images wich are the "best of", wich have some extra from my point of view. This is because I love to review the images from my fav list. 2. I comment and Like those images wich are not by all means my favorites but are good, and are among the best ones of the particular photographer. 3. When somebody comments my image I always give a feedback on her/his images. When somebody just fav or vote my image in most of the cases I do nothing. 4. When I put an image between my favorites, I don't expect the same thing. Please add my image to your favorite if you really like it :-)
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