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Regardless whether you grow up in a crowded city or the middle of nowhere; in this century or a millennia ago- the sight of the stars draw out the same reaction in us all as we look up: dreams.

"...keep going 'til there's nothing higher..."

We look up and out of our current space imagining possibilities above and beyond our limitations. We're drawn to the higher points for a view above the obstructions with nothing overhead. We are called away from the noisy, crowded rooms to open places of silence. We are magnetized by the lights that sparkle just out of our reach as we look up.


"Oh! Did you see that one? Hurry, make a wish!"

In youth, the stars were fertilizer for stories and adventures. Shooting stars became wishes. Late summer nights laying out alone or with friends were the moments our lives took on idealized direction- goals and ambitions took root while wide eyed at the lights in the sky. We didn’t know it, but the crazy talk and thoughts wild with no limit in that big sky were our dreams forming. Goals and ambition quietly crystallized under the stars.

"...the time just flies by, you know?"

As adults, we continue to look up at the lights, usually it’s lights of a different sort- but we still look up, out of the mess and tangle.

"I think we'll know when we get there"

"...who cares, grab some beers and lets go"

Now, we are trying to live out those dreams. We explore and attempt to solve the big questions, the what-if’s, those limitless ideas that started out under the stars. In our individual arenas, we push to get to the high places, the unobstructed views above the noisy crowds.

And we still look up for inspiration.

with friends

with family

for adventure

sometimes alone

Friends, family, alone- we all still yearn to be in a place with a high view, above and away from the crowds to look up and find quiet inspiration, calm, even a connection.

"let's see what's down that road..."

Whether it’s the city lights through a moonroof on Fifth Avenue, or the stars above in the glorious middle of nowhere- we must remember to look up and find our dreams.

*first quote from Vincent van Gogh
**all images are actual, real photos - these sre NOT photoshop/composite creations
***for contact, more pictures or information visit my 500px profile here, or my website:

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Krishna Angira  almost 4 years ago
Great work!!! really
Arun Kandpal  almost 4 years ago
Congrats ben,
awesome work
you've always been an inspiration to me.
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Stefan Thaler  almost 4 years ago
congrats...nice series!
A. Joshua Sims  almost 4 years ago
Congrats on your win man .. you were one of my top 5 .. for sure
DK Baker  almost 4 years ago
Super cool! Love the shot of the Fremont Bridge!! Look forward to seeing what you come up with for Land Rover!! Congrats ~
Awesome Account
Suraj Balchand  almost 4 years ago
Eva Creel  almost 4 years ago
Fantastic job, my fav, good luck.
Spry Studios  almost 4 years ago
Great night exposures. Nice job!
Awesome Account
Ben Canales  almost 4 years ago
Thanks Spry!
david schelske  almost 4 years ago
Nice series.
I think the shot of all the tents was at Hi Rocks?
I ride up there all the time and love that spot. Very nice shot of the area.
Awesome Account
Ben Canales  almost 4 years ago
*ding ding ding* You, sir, are correct! Good eye.
It's a hell of a view up there :-)
Ian Kreidich  almost 4 years ago
Great work. Just a heads up, I did read in the rules that none of the work can be previously published.
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Ben Canales  almost 4 years ago
Thank Ian, and thanks for the heads up- you're right about the fine print. I get what they're going for, but it's a strange thing to make a rule against.
But, regardless, I swapped out the published image with another that isn't. Thanks again for pointing it out!
Andrea Gatti  almost 4 years ago
Really nice "story" (and pictures) in those moments the keyword is always ENJOY.
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Ben Canales  almost 4 years ago
Thank you Andrea :-)