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Thank you for stopping by. I like strong black coffee, no sugar and no room for cream. Here i'm sharing some outtakes, film, polaroids and personal projects i'm working on. More of the editorial and advertising content you can find on my blog, website and facebook page. #thatsmypolaroid #benjoarwasphotography
  • Canon 5d Mark II
  • 8X10 Sinar view camera
  • Mamiya RZ67
  • 4X5 Crown Graphic
  • LF 360mm F5.6
  • 50mm 1.4
  • 35mm 1.4
  • 70-200mm 2.8
  • LF 360mm F5.6
  • SUN
  • Polaroids
  • Lots of film
  • Paper Negatives

Postcards From Paradise - Summer Editorial - Ye...

Published July 15th, 2013

Postcards From Paradise – GLASSbook Magazine, Summer 2013

Photographer: Benjo Arwas (

Wardrobe Stylist: Amy Mach

Make-up Artist: Crystal Martinez

Hair Stylist: Carina Tafulu

Manicurist: Summer Bryant

Fashion Assistant: Aiden Styles

Fashion Intern: Nene Fauntleroy

Nail Product: Love Laquer Design

Model: Lisa Ward (KISMET MGMT, LA / MC2, MIAMI)

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Large Format Photography in Paris…Part #2 – The...

Published September 10th, 2012

In continue for the last post about the experience of taking the 4X5 and picturing paris.

now im going to dedicate it for the people i met along the way. Not a lot but was totally worth to pull out the camera and take it with the 4X5 instead of digital.

Thank you for the creative people that took a part: The makeup artists: Allison Depp and Michelle Catillon, Alex,Irina,Anna and Martina from Metropolitan Models, Pierre from Major Models Milan, Paolo Wutrich, David Ravet, and my beautiful girlfriend, Sidney Kraemer.


Shooting people with a 4X5 or any kind of format rather than 35mm is always great experience. you feel your hand in the photograph and psychology wise, your subject/model is aware for something different (for nowadays) and giving you the stage to create.

back in the days, all the photographs were created on large/medium format so it wasn’t really matter. people were used to it. at some place after 35mm was invented it got vanished and “old-school”. today, when i ...

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Large Format Photography in Paris - Part #1

Published August 27th, 2012

Paris was a whole playground and if you remember one of my last posts about the street photography so here is a short reminder.

One day before i left California, in warm June, i decided to buy a new camera. not digital, not expensive, but remarkable, compact and fun (and a bit complicated) to work with – Field Camera – Crown Graphic – 4X5.

It’s what you see used by dapper newspapermen in the 1940s and 1950s. You can get these for a couple of hundred dollars WITH a perfectly fine lens. a 10X10 size box that you can open, pull the bellows out and shoot handheld.

For me the highlights of the trip was to shoot film on that camera, the process, the handling, the thought that im creating like they used to create 100 years ago in the streets of paris. hanging around with monopod, or tripod in heavy shoots and just pulling out film holders, metering and click click click.

i came back with bunch of 4X5 sheets t ...

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Modern Geisha for VEUX Magazine, August 2012...

Published August 20th, 2012

“Modern Geisha” For VEUX Magazine, August 2012

“Modern Geisha” was the idea and inspiration of my good friend and stylist/designer – Jen Summers. we planned it properly and she put together the pieces, went vintage shopping and brought the great props. Codi Babcock @ M Model Management, West Hollywood, was our casted model for this mission and nothing was better than having amazing Berenice Gallegos as the makeup artist/hair person to be on my set.

The location was at my parents house, where my mom holding all this authentic and original Asian pieces of Buddha’s sculptures, chinese props, Gong(!), furniture and many more. so thank you mom! Codi’s boyfriend brought the katana swords and with all the put together of Jen we build up the story.

Night before i had Berenice asking me if there is a place for Daniel, the assistant to join her on the ride and it was my pleasure to have him on set an ...

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Black And White Portraits In Paris.

Published August 13th, 2012

While ive been staying in Paris in the past 2 months i tested with a big model agencies and had couple of assignments.

Each model i photographed naturally to capture her beauty and her personality. more than the "fashion" and everything around it.

just a simple portrait with some sophistication, and some from myself.

here im attaching couple of examples out of many others that will be done soon.

Like Richard Avedon said: "in each of the portraits im taking, its like my own self portrait."

soon im back in Los Angeles with new body of work to share and view. for magazines, personal or commercial/editorial.

stay in touch and be updated on my Facebook page -

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