Betsy Seeton

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.”
~ Rachel Carson




"A new breed of human must emerge out of the greater understanding that indisputably exists about how animals truly "feel" and how they experience a wide range of emotions and pain. Their experiences are as important to them as ours are to us. Their wants in life are much the same as ours. They want food, shelter, good health and happiness. They don't want to be hit, hurt, injured, used and abused. But without an immediate paradigm shift in the way humans regard them, animals needlessly and shamefully suffer unimaginably egregious pain at the hands of their human handlers and guardians. Human ignorance and greed must begin to spur outrage and ultimately be wholly unacceptable by the masses."


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It's an amazing experience to love how you spend your time. When I study life from behind my camera lens, I get transported into a new, and incredibly fascinating world. I start to see the blades of grass and leaves differently; more from the view of my main character, whomever that happens to be on a given day.

I know time doesn’t stop for anyone, but when photography
is a passion, it’s a way of making the most of time and in the end, it’s also about being able to bring home a slice of that time picture-by-picture.

Money will never buy the feeling of what it’s like to look at life
through the lens of a camera. I love photographing just about
anything. I especially thrive on finding animals, birds and tiny creatures in their natural habitat.

When an image gives you that feeling of hitting the sweet part of
the bat, when it’s everything and more that you saw when you
pointed the camera at it, it’s utterly exquisite!

Having passion feels equally as important, in a life saving way, as having fresh air to breath and clean water to drink. Passion is what drives me and guides me and keeps me both steadily grounded and flying high. My recent goal, and my major focus now, is developing ways to combine my passion with enough income to support my very down sized and simple life.

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