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Published July 22nd, 2011

Now that people are pouring into the world of Google+ there are very few things left to really say that haven't been covered in the last few weeks.  With the hundreds of tutorials floating around, Scott Bourne trying scare the crap out of everyone, and millions of parents everywhere asking "What's a circle and how do I put you in it?!" Google+ has burst onto the main stage and left many photographers and bloggers asking how it fits into their online presence.

As new technology enters the "market" we are constantly facing new questions:  What's the benefit? What amount of time should we pull away from old technology (Facebook, flickr, Myspace) and dedicate to the new?  Is it worth it?  Do we have time?  Another dangling carrot?  Often how fast we determine how to leverage technology, and specifically social media based produces, can determine it's success for us.

Since Tech Tuesday is about "Technology for Photographers" and well... since Google+ is decidedly technology, provided belo ...

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