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Jim  Bolick

Jim Bolick



Jim’s photography emphasizes nature’s natural shapes, patterns and textures; close-up viewpoints; and dynamic colors. Most all photographs in this 500px collection were taken in northern Colorado, the western part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and northern Wisconsin. More recently, Jim's photos also explore the natural world abstracted, and in black-and-white. While Jim appreciates larger landscapes, he’s most intrigued by revealing the intimate aspects of the natural world, a process that requires a photographer to slow down and closely examine nature’s amazingly complex, beautiful, and unusual scenes. This approach presents unlimited opportunities to focus on details you don’t see in large panoramas and to present highly personal interpretations of the natural world. Another goal is to call attention to the beauty of natural forms such as trees, flowers, grasses and lichens as they evolve in color, size, shape and texture throughout the seasons, and as they age. Additionally, searching for small scenes in nature and photographing them is an enjoyable trip of discovery. In nature, you can observe a lot if you just take the time really look. Jim started out in photography taking family photos. He once swore he never would forsake film but now relies on Nikon digital cameras and lenses, some old some new.

Abstract Nature

Published February 24th, 2012

These two shots of wild cucumber help illustrate the various ways a scene can be interpreted. The color version of Wild Cucumber, I believe, has overtones of abstraction. Although, to me it also has overtones of an old still life scene.

The black-and-white rendition, Wild Cucumber #2, helps bring out the natural abstraction I see in nature. This idea of abstraction in nature is nothing new. The painter Georgia O’Keeffe talked a great deal about her vision of abstract design in nature. I’m sure it also was apparent to artists long before her time as well.

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Ferns of Spring

Published February 20th, 2012

These three photos illustrate the life cycle of bracken ferns as well as textures, colors and details of nature close-up. The plant’s first beginnings are shown in “Fiddleheads Hatching,” then maturing a bit to “Fiddleheads Unfurling,” finally to “Simply Green,” the grown plant. Fiddlehead refers to the curled up stage of a fern.

In “Fiddleheads Unfurling,” a macro shot that has an abstract feel to it, you see what looks like fuzz or a gauzy coat. Ferns are a plant that grows in early spring, and the fuzz helps protect the plant from frost. These three images all were shot in northern Michigan.

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