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A Polaroid A Day - Week 3

Published February 10th, 2013

I am quite enjoying this project. In the technical facet it seems to be really limiting but on the more "creative" side it is quite a different approach then I may have taken than before. Some days I still feel almost pressed for time to take a photo of someone. Still not too too many turn downs yet actually.

Day 15

This couple was at Starbucks sitting at the same table as I was when I was looking at a new Polaroid camera. Thought these two people were interesting especially with the guy's rings. Always surprises people when they know they get to keep the photo.

Day 16

Getting cold outside, seemed to have linked being really cold with the negatives getting solarized so stayed indoors. A little blurry but I think I'm more concerned with the weird lighting.

Day 17

This is a typical scene at university, people cramming to finish something that most people forgot was due. Thought it was tricky lighting especially since it was so much brighter in behind. But I think the Polaroid lived up to perform.

Day 18

Was going out looking for a wrist strap, seems like no one carries Nintendo Wii accessories anymore. After a couple I saw sitting didn't want their photo taking, this other couple kindly agreed but as always, were initially skeptical. Once that film peels back everyone's eyes light up, it's quite a treat.

Day 19

Had to upload photos during the Superbowl, went over to a friends for a bit before halftime and took a photo of them since I never have a photo of them looking happy together. Took two so each of them can have one.

Day 20

They said they were visiting from the Czech Republic and were just visiting the sights. Hopefully they were not too cold in chilly Toronto and hopefully they had something more exciting to see than the university buildings.

Day 21

It feels like its been getting colder and colder. Almost solarized yesterday with the visitors at the cost of awkwardly walking away. Stuck back inside the engineering atrium where it`s warm and dim light.

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