Work is supposed to be fun and so is your hobby….

Published May 29th, 2011

I do glamour photography as a hobby mainly, I mean if you have to pick a hobby why not pick this… I have tried to always get the shot but that does not mean you should not take the time to also experiment with new and different poses and also just have some fun before each shoot ends. It’s in those times you might shoot some of your best and possibly worst shots of your career. Best is great and worst is always a learning experience.

Also if you find a shoot is going badly or the model is not into what you are shooting take a moment to mix up the shoot and that alone could save the entire shoot. Shoot your shots that you know you can get and then take that time to go above and beyond your comfort zone to expand your career. Plus models are funny and make crazy faces……Then you can use them against the later in a fun way like posting them on your site for an article like this.. and yes she will probably kill me now…

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Brent Burzycki  over 5 years ago
Sometimes I find I need to push past my daily workload of my normal job to try to be positive and make a shoot fun. There is a major issue with time also for proper prep etc. It's a balancing act....
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Paul Frederiksen  over 5 years ago
Good advice! It's best to have fun, or everyone's mood suffers!