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Blindman shooting

Blindman shooting



Glenn is an award winning (Olympus Award for Landscape Photography, John F Kennedy Award, Leica Medal of Excellence for outstanding achievement in humanistic photojournalism, Region 10 NPPA, Sony—Best Short Film, Sporting News—Best News Feature, LACC—First Place Portfolio, Academy Film Society—6 honorable mentions with 5 entries) photographer with over 25 years of experience in varied settings. Capers began his career as a photo-journalist, then went on to cinematography and film shorts, landscape photography, event coverage and documentary photography. Capers currently teaches photography workshops to those that want to learn more about street photography. My philosophy: I've come to realize that my art has diversity within a powerful individual vision that chronicles the life of people who draw me into their lives to tell their stories and to validate their reason for living. My attraction to story telling grew as my life developed behind a camera. I discovered that it's not how a photographer looks at the world that is important, it is his relationship with his fellow human beings. Through photography these moments of connectivity are frozen in time for all to see. I believe the last thought for the photographer is "Whatever you look to see outside, is waiting inside you.”
  • OM-D EM5, OM PL5, Nikon 1 V1, and adaptor to use my Nikon lenses with.
  • 20, 24, 50, a cheap Nikon second hand 35mm to 70mm f3.3 that is tac sharp. the price was $40.

Looking for the classic image of Elliott Erwitt

Published June 14th, 2013

This brings me to the question of why even see the world today. Maybe as a die hard shooter the dreams of just getting under the skin just one more time before ones life accepts the new phase of technology of cool, and lunatic gestures while in conversation on your cell phone in public you just hope to experiences what you think the masters of the past once saw and published in Life and look magazine.

Instead you now have to see how the classical image has now evolved from what would have been an image from under the skin. I title this image “One of These Days Pow Right To The Moon”

In Naples I did get underneath It wasn’t as often as I personally would like to have encountered gone are the old days of images still seen in gallery museums of men and women that are quickly fading from the test of time.

We must come to terms with the past is dead and only lives in our hearts. The Dogs and Legs are being replaced by Faces and Smart Phone Devices.

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Why I shoot

Published November 30th, 2012

I don't shoot for the pleasure of the digital high or to be in a click of photographers that look for cool images. I shoot because there are many heart felt stories and moments. Sometimes you can fall over board and find that you have to pick yourself up and continue walking the path to hear, see, and feel what someone feels important to them. If you are going to shoot and be more than just a weekend photographer you have to realize that you can not become any better that you already are with out a complete education that ties you to stories, ethnomethodology, the human condition. Try to figure out why writers and artiest became special and lasted the test of time.

If you fail to do that then you only have an expensive toy in your hand that you press up against your mind's eye to play made believe with.

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Understanding Nature Written Before You Snap

Published August 31st, 2012

First of all. If you've ever gone to acting classes. You might have encountered the Stanislavski method of acting is a set of techniques meant to create realistic portrayals of characters. The major goal of the Stanislavski method is to have a perfect understanding of the motivations, obstacles, and objectives of a character in each moment. Actors often use this technique for realistic plays, where they try to present an accurate portrayal of normal life. It is not the same as "Method Acting," which goes even further into becoming a character. SO lets forget acting and transpose this to photography.

To begin employing the Glenn'o Slavski method, photographers generally go over the landscape very carefully, looking for key identifying factors. A geologist discovers what nature did and is doing and wants. What prevents the photographer from getting it, as in the visual picture are just a few things. No preparation, Friends that never shut up, and a time limit because of a girlfriend. We ...

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What's up with Street Photographers Everywhere

Published May 17th, 2012

What's wrong with street photography. Is street dead, or is street running into a very big problem into day's global society.

Photography in the amateur realm is suppose to be fun. A weekend of sissy shooting and testing or manhood with people begging in the streets or some hottie licking and ice cream cone or some funny or not so funny human interest image to post and pray it is smiled on by a curator that gets the okay from the heavens above.

I don't feel street photography can no longer be mindless because once you have a descent camera you begin to seek enlightenment. You go to the galleries, you read books on the masters and discover the that quality of their art may it be grainy, a touch out of focus had something digital didn't have. I believe we can call it the compression of illumination and contrast. This tone or phenomena within the physical attribute of film and the range finder went hand in hand to look at the condition of the human race endures twenty four seven.

T ...

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Nikon1 V1 My Thoughts

Published February 10th, 2012

I'm impressed, the focus is sharp, it follows and focuses big time. You can even just hold it in your hand and forget about it and the thing gets its man. I was impressed to just fire a few bursts in a normal mode.. then I got curious with 10-30-and 60 fps. "Oh my god". The NIkon 1 V1 is rock solid. with following and still and getting sharp images, better than any Phat Dslr.

The manual to intelligent modes are great. I don't know what that little geeky guy on youtube is talking about but for street photography this camera is a top shooter and responds faster than you eye to brain. Hell press and forget and move one. Which is unlike other brands on the market. It's a new deal and concept to thinking with photography.

I compare this camera should you operate it to thinking consciously while doing battle in hyperspace.BUt you got yo get use to it. If not , your ass and underwear are around your ankles with stains. If you operate the other cameras it's like riding a camel i ...

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