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Nikon1 V1 My Thoughts

Published February 10th, 2012

I'm impressed, the focus is sharp, it follows and focuses big time. You can even just hold it in your hand and forget about it and the thing gets its man. I was impressed to just fire a few bursts in a normal mode.. then I got curious with 10-30-and 60 fps. "Oh my god". The NIkon 1 V1 is rock solid. with following and still and getting sharp images, better than any Phat Dslr.

The manual to intelligent modes are great. I don't know what that little geeky guy on youtube is talking about but for street photography this camera is a top shooter and responds faster than you eye to brain. Hell press and forget and move one. Which is unlike other brands on the market. It's a new deal and concept to thinking with photography.

I compare this camera should you operate it to thinking consciously while doing battle in hyperspace.BUt you got yo get use to it. If not , your ass and underwear are around your ankles with stains. If you operate the other cameras it's like riding a camel in the street. Not much fin but you you brain keeps up. Another way to look at it is like riding a super bike in the mountains vs a gutless 1.8 liter pinto, which is no loner in the vocabulary of many.

Well here are a few images. I'm waiting for the attachment which gives any nikon lens a 2.7 increase in MM with out a loss of F stop.. Just image you have a 200mm F 2 then attack to your Nikon 1 V1 how about a 470 mm F 2. or try your Macro 105 F 2.8 to your 85 mm F 1,4 and add a 2.7 increase to it with no f sop loss.

I declare a new way of shooting with this nikon1 V1.

Gone are the days of D3, D4 D800 if its street or in the field village to bush.

Cheers all. I'm off to Venice and India and Venice Italy. Oh I'll drop a few images in as I teach, and work.

If you are weekend sissy shooter this camera is not for you, or maybe try the pink one Nikon J1. :))

A few images with the Nikon 1 V1

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ronald bunnik  over 3 years ago

So true, it's fast and easy to use

Hans Knikman  over 6 years ago

good! happy traveling and shooting!

Hot Dog Photography  over 6 years ago

Look forwards to seeing more.