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What's up with Street Photographers Everywhere

Published May 17th, 2012

What's wrong with street photography. Is street dead, or is street running into a very big problem into day's global society.

Photography in the amateur realm is suppose to be fun. A weekend of sissy shooting and testing or manhood with people begging in the streets or some hottie licking and ice cream cone or some funny or not so funny human interest image to post and pray it is smiled on by a curator that gets the okay from the heavens above.

I don't feel street photography can no longer be mindless because once you have a descent camera you begin to seek enlightenment. You go to the galleries, you read books on the masters and discover the that quality of their art may it be grainy, a touch out of focus had something digital didn't have. I believe we can call it the compression of illumination and contrast. This tone or phenomena within the physical attribute of film and the range finder went hand in hand to look at the condition of the human race endures twenty four seven.

Today we are reliving the 1920's to the 1970's with technology all over agin. Like it or nit the sissy photographer is growing up and discovering they got tubes an huevos. his is because today live is once again very visual and interesting to all man kind socially and politically.

With the hype to post not only on 1x, 500px, folotblur and other's which are tiny. These photography brand sites push to post on Facebook, tweet, and more which millions use.

The problem magnifies when you start to relate the information age is now reported in the streets and depicts how people forced to live in other countries. Like it or not images are information and government in various countries are scared of the power it has to motivate a society. Look at the middle east. Via images, texts, captions people used that to tool to turn governments.

Well here we are just street shooters out to do sissy photography and get slapped on our backs for making great images that are filled with information from societies. It's getting bad in a few countries where they don't you going around shooting, or if you are shooting there is a government person with you.

NOw lets look at another problem with the use of face book. Too many non shooters think it's fun to show helpless people and make silly comment about them. What they for get is that we are in the computer age and even the homeless can walk into the mac store go to face book pull up an account or google himself and see what people say about him or her. Too often the insults and negativity out balances the good which leave people paranoid.

WHile in Costa Rica I say an ice cream man shaving ice to make cones. The conversation she like this.L Why are you shooting me, I'm not funny. I'm not a clown. I'm not a monkey in a circus".

I stood my ground and told him that he reflected the community, and that what he did here expressed away of life in respect of socializing. He knew everyone and could tell you what the weather will do by the hour and with that in mind which people will buy his ice cones first in the the town or Lemon in Costa Rica.

Me mentioned that he hats tourist and people shooters because today they all feel we make fun of them. For the non shooter that appears with a new travel camera this might be true. The stupid insensitive things they do without understanding anything about photography.

I leave you with this last question. Who knows what photography is really, and what images say to the heart and souls of the people that fore what unfortunate reason appears in front of the travelers camera. Can it really be found in some brief statement by a master of the past or should we begin by reading the notes of real curators at museums that show photography.

Before you shoot, before you pick up your camera try to go out knowing what you are doing, for today's climate world wide. That stroll out there as a sissy photographer could be your last in the street globally.

Remember everything we do is now about marketing which makes a profit for someone else in ways we cannot always imagine. Just know you the shooter is not making the money. At most you are just the straw that helped to break the canals back for someone else to gain from while we mindlessly take that sissy walk in the park. SO think about why and how to shoot and just maybe no one becomes a victim.

SO how do I see myself. I'm just a humanist seeing the wonders of life and bathing in the thoughts of man kind.


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John Gerson  over 5 years ago

Awesome colors and composition