Understanding Nature Written Before You Snap

Published August 31st, 2012

First of all. If you've ever gone to acting classes. You might have encountered the Stanislavski method of acting is a set of techniques meant to create realistic portrayals of characters. The major goal of the Stanislavski method is to have a perfect understanding of the motivations, obstacles, and objectives of a character in each moment. Actors often use this technique for realistic plays, where they try to present an accurate portrayal of normal life. It is not the same as "Method Acting," which goes even further into becoming a character. SO lets forget acting and transpose this to photography.
To begin employing the Glenn'o Slavski method, photographers generally go over the landscape very carefully, looking for key identifying factors. A geologist discovers what nature did and is doing and wants. What prevents the photographer from getting it, as in the visual picture are just a few things. No preparation, Friends that never shut up, and a time limit because of a girlfriend. We all know what it means to e late. It could make you wonder why you ever got a camera in the first place.
We have to ask ourselves what means will the photographer use to achieve this goal. Ancient druids and more spiritual people painted themselves and ran around a fire nude while beating on a drum chanting ,"Hoe go go toe". These concepts are frequently referred to as "objective," "obstacle," and "method." Photographers must also determine the given circumstances of every landscape scene, such as where the scene takes place currently in front of their face as it happens, what is in the environment, and what is going on in the outside world politically, socially, and financially. First you must become the potato and be that. Fell the wind in your face, the rain on your gear and the cows falling from the sky should it be a tornado.
Only then do you become the artiest who performs a set of light readings and exposures to define that one zone he or wishes to to control and communicate to the viewer. F16, @ 1 second and be there.
I hope this covers for the next three landscape images to come.
About the two rocks ... I just stood there like a scare crow and said . "Holy Cow" that was one big explosion and MOther nature is still pissed off. Just point and shoot my expensive camera, get the picture and get out of there.
Thank you for reading my on going wisdom. I don't make house calls, just leave your ten euros , or dollars on my pay pal account.


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  • August 26th, 2012
  • nikon d700

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