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Why I shoot

Published November 30th, 2012

I don't shoot for the pleasure of the digital high or to be in a click of photographers that look for cool images. I shoot because there are many heart felt stories and moments. Sometimes you can fall over board and find that you have to pick yourself up and continue walking the path to hear, see, and feel what someone feels important to them. If you are going to shoot and be more than just a weekend photographer you have to realize that you can not become any better that you already are with out a complete education that ties you to stories, ethnomethodology, the human condition. Try to figure out why writers and artiest became special and lasted the test of time.

If you fail to do that then you only have an expensive toy in your hand that you press up against your mind's eye to play made believe with.

Morning Fiddler

In the morning the cry of a fiddle strings can be heard before the morning traffic begins from a blind man who's child soul purpose is to help his father even though asleep next to him. The presence of each other makes the day possible.

My Pig is Clean

Good clean love.

Maybe I'll shoot you now, or maybe i'll shoot you latter

A child was playing exicution with his frends. My presents broke up the game. I've seen it before. Its disturbing, From layers of stories and questions shared by family members. The Killing fields, spoken in the night. No different than the Nazi's, Apartheid, Civil rights in America, the unpoken pain of the Armenians, the Native American relocations, And all the soldires that have had for home. Mabe someday some group of people will conclude that in any war we all loose and fr nce find away to heal then allowing role play to act out for genrations.

  • May 30th, 2011
  • Nikon D700
  • 24mm / f/5 / 1/500 sec

What I did for a life

At ijen life is far from easy. You suffer the hot sufuric gas, your lungs begin to wrench and panic begins to set in when you think of a mile trek out of the valcano. This man like all others will dig and endure the pain for 74 kiols of pure sulfure clusters to carry on his back

  • May 20th, 2011
  • Nikon D700
  • 20mm / f/9 / 1/320 sec

Stashing Money

I always wondered where parade people put their money when they wear kilts

The Lemon Juicer Man

I was thinkning of an old fairy making your juice before you get up. Then again we forget what it's like to get past the old word wen one need two hans and arms to juice a lemon.

Immaculate Conception

A young woman waits her day. Living on the rim of a garbage dump in mexico in a cardboard house she was attacked . She has no where to go. IN time she hope to cross the boarder and find life in the new world filled with hope. She wants to be social worker. I took a month traveling into to small villages for the purpose of understanding live. Hope you like this one.

Healing Lights

A young primi fights for life. The warm lights warms its tiny bed, while a hand reaches in to say, HI little one. You'll be home soon.

From the Cross Hang The Clips

A soldier after battle takes time to do the most holy thing in his mind. Associate with his God. I feel all men that are in the act or business of harming each other do this for protection spiritually. Its only natural. He is imbued.

The Notice

She was being evicted from her land, her land of ancestors past.

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Vinni Vigdal  over 4 years ago

This is so strong and captivating. The story combined with all those powerful photos hit me like a train. I have no words to describe what this make me feel, but I will say that I am ever so impressed and in awe. I think you just opened my eyes!
Øyvind (Vinni) Vigdal

Silvia Sabbadini  about 5 years ago

Simply wonderful!