When a kiss gets out of hand

Published November 7th, 2010

I love shooting street. One of the great things is seeing everyone else work on illustrating an idea they create with a glamourious woman. The interest thing is that the look never grows on you. It just feels like a kamsutra position . Okay did that next. I feel one of the beaities of art is tapping in to the warm blood of two people and following the idea s it develops and bring that which is rare and raw and keeping int in the realms of art. You can say it is my fix in life and why I shoot. My clients love it too. So Subway passion or subtitles , The B-story comes from the love they have and knwing it is ging to end at some train station. You can say the thought of continueing or being pure with one's passion is where we shold all be. But as photographers from around the world. Telling the story, or apart of the story that resounds within each of us is what matters. The beauty is that we wish to be in the shoes of others , if not ofrever, just apart for the magic if not any more. This for me brings photogray to a head and the story comes is saved fr when I find a glamours subject to story tell with.

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janaalt morren  over 4 years ago