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The decay of religion seen within art or not

Published November 24th, 2010

In concept,

Religion saves

and it's art a story

guide on to conduct…

...Then again in the

role of religion within history

more lives have been taken

in order to have souls return

as good Christians. or to reserve

a political state

The Spanish, the Portuguese where

leaders in the western world and

serve as examples throughout The

Americas with the indigenous people

on how they applied the practiced the

concept / method to convert and install

the believe of religion.

Wars between Religion and State

was a reality in Europe and well depicted

in art in past history.

Today it is forgotten or not attempted

on canvas or on the roofs of churches or


Story was a controlling factor.

Truth and accurate facts had nothing

to do with anything outside of

prosecution and termination of limb

or life should an artist not portray

governing factors.

Religious art did reflect the state

of human-kind in general, but not


Today we can see many in despair

and take the past and merge them

into to the current times we live in

and wonder if master painters from

past centuries saw and felt the same.

What is missing are their true stories

that might have been known hundred's

of years back in time for people living

then and not in 2010.

What comes to mind is that only the

living part of the civilization knows

the true stories that might be

placed on the canvas of an artist

during his period of life.

I feel in compositing in photo-shop

from facts of our current reality we find

possible evidence of a master stumbling

into the streets with a sketch pad and

roughing out the lines of people

encountered which through life into

his work and journaling of sharing thoughts

with his peer group.

I did no different than an artist that

had a vision on canvas and walked the

streets to relate the human neglect

and transposed what she or he saw on

to canvas.

The arch mural, and old 14th century wall decaying

, and real people in their different states of life's

emotional paths. Show how they might have actually related at that moment and might have fit into the consciousness or unconsciousness painter's recollection within the painter's stroke on canvas.

Maybe the big question here is. Have we really changed as metaphysical thinkers. Is the past our lost conscious, and is it's purpose set in art to guide us from repeating in relation to religion.

Well you can begin to understand that photography can go deeper than mindless cool images… should one care to ask questions and apply some type of parallel thought to how artist related to human resources and events as story.


  • November 18th, 2010
  • Nikon D700
  • 20mm / f/4 / 1/125 sec

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