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How is 500px different from Flickr?

Published by Alex Karasyov ยท March 4th 2010

Recently I have been asked this question a lot - How is 500px different from Flickr?

Let me quickly explain what Flickr is. It actually started as a community of gamers, and then evolved into photo sharing platform. Flickr is essentially a photo sharing site. Anyone can share their photos and stack them in large quantities on their Flickr account. While Flickr has been extremely successful in photo sharing, there is something essential that photographers need that Flickr never gave them.

500px has a very different story. It started out in 2004 as a little community of photographers. It has grown over the years and a need for more than online community has emerged. Today you can see that 500px has become a home for inspiring, admiring, and endorsing incredibly talented photographers. 500px has inspired many people (including myself). The sole purpose of this community is to promote great art and unite photographers in one place where they can share their work and grow artistically and professionally. This philosophy has turned 500px into a community that breathes with inspiration and beauty.

At 500px we want to enrich lives of photographers so that they can enrich lives of others. That is why we have given an amazing set of tools specifically designed for photographers to help them share their content with ease. We have tools for creating an outstanding portfolio, we have tools for photoblogging, photojournalism,(these tools are coming really soon!) and anything that photographers will ever need, we will give it to them. 500px has given what is truly important in any form of art and in our lives. 500px has given love.

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Awesome Account
Dan Taylor  12 months ago
New, just starting here, and look forward to a great relationship...
eli inPhotOLAND  almost 2 years ago
I'm glad I'm one of the community members:))
Pascal Lola  almost 3 years ago
This is a great blog post.

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