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Published by Diana Tula · December 2nd 2011

We are happy to announce that we have finished the development of the Lightroom publisher plugin for 500px, and it is now available for download at . We have developed the publisher plugin completely in-house to ensure best compatibility, continued support and development. During development, more than 500 photographers have participated in beta program, helping us achieve the best compatibility between different platforms and Lightroom versions. Thank you guys & gals!  

With the 500px Lightroom plugin you now can:
• Publish photos to public profile or a personal portfolio
• Create and manage portfolio collections
• Edit titles, descriptions, and other metadata and sync it with 500px profile or portfolio
• Read and write comments for your photos right from Lightroom
• See your individual photo statistics, such as views, favorites, votes and rating

Wonderful RC Concepcion has created step by step video tutorials, which explain installation and image management processes. Enjoy watching "Installing new 500px Lightroom Plugin" & "Creating/Deleting Collections and Images with the Lightroom plugin from 500px".


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Bob Brandoff  about 3 years ago
This plug-in continues to stop working.. I wish 500px would come out with a stable one for LR.
orwell 1984  about 3 years ago
Great plugin! Thank you.
Larry Williamson  about 3 years ago
I don't seem to have too many problems, but the one "feature" that drives me to distraction is every time I use the plug, I am no longer "remembered" when I visit the site with my browser and I have to log in again. There are some other minor nit-pick like things that I am sure are on their list of things to improve in the next release. I also stopped using it for a while, maybe the logout thing got to me, I don't remember. I just started using it again now. I'll try to pay attention to the nit-picky things, if anyone cares.

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Victor Wolansky  about 3 years ago
it has definitively stopped working for me, it does not upload anymore. It does all the process like if it is publishing, even gets an ULR for the published photo, but there is nothing on that URL when it finishes and and then there is no way t upload the photo since LR thinks it is already uploaded.
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Victor Wolansky  about 3 years ago
it is just me or the plugin has stopped working? I can't upload anything, it says that it can not connect. But, as you can see... I'm here and I can connect...
Simon Davies  about 3 years ago
Yet another vote for Aperture :-)
Robin (inactive)  about 3 years ago
+1 for Aperture. Thanks! :)
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Suzy Richards  about 3 years ago
Another vote for an aperture version!
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simon peckham  about 3 years ago
+1 for Aperture.... but I need 2.0 pretty please ..... stonking good stuf guys .... happy new year to you all
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Victor Wolansky  about 3 years ago
does anyone else feel that the plugin is super sluggish? when I try to drop photos to it, it feels like I'm on a super old computer, and in fact, is a very powerful one, everything else works fine with the other exporters.
David Olson  about 3 years ago
Aperture 3 plugin Please!!!
Claus Lehmann Munch  about 3 years ago
+1 for Aperture plugin from me also! :) I thought it was there (kinda one of the "basic" things today)..
Go go go! ;)
Gerardo Fdez.  about 3 years ago
+1 for Aperture plugin!
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Gaston Trussi  about 3 years ago
+++ Aperture 3
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The Other Side Of Me  about 3 years ago
And another request for an Aperture plugin. It's what pretty much stops me using 500px more than 'very occasionally'
jan v. habal (inactive)  about 3 years ago
Aperture 3 PLEASE. Thank you.
Takashi Yoshi  about 3 years ago
Aperture 2(!!) plugin please!!
Kim D. S.  about 3 years ago
Aperture plugin please! So 2012 could start great!
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Sebastian Kwiatek  about 3 years ago
Everyone the suitable tool. :)
I wait for Aperture… Please! :D


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Sebastian Kwiatek  about 3 years ago
Comment hidden
Julian Wissmann  about 3 years ago
Who uses Aperture anyway ;-)
Awesome job, guys. Love the plugin, it makes me love Lightroom a little more.
John Koller  about 3 years ago
Aperture support plllleeeessseeeee. Thanks
David Gómez-Rosado  about 3 years ago
+1 for Aperture
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Daniel Mayer  about 3 years ago
And another +1 for Aperture
Dark Photo  about 3 years ago
Rob Radencic  about 3 years ago
Yes, another vote for Aperture support, PLEASE!
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Sergio Burani  about 3 years ago
Can someone comment on how to use the plugin for photos that already posted on 500px?
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Michael Jurewitz  about 3 years ago
Yes, Aperture support, please.
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Nicolas Le Cam  about 3 years ago
We would love it for Aperture 3. Really really love !!! ?
Wil Westergren (inactive)  about 3 years ago
Aperture 3, please.
Chris Freeman  about 3 years ago
Aperture 3 support would be nice. There is definitely demand
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Gary Simmonds  about 3 years ago
Good stuff. Now lets get to work on a solution for Aperture 3 please.
Xande Macedo  about 3 years ago
+1 Aperture, please.
Jonatan Catalan  about 3 years ago
+1 for Aperture!
Rafael MyDarkroom  about 3 years ago
Another one to request an Aperture plugin! Thx
Mauro Del Romano  about 3 years ago
great job!
+1 for Aperture plugin!
Ralf Brandenburg  about 3 years ago
I would prefer an Aperture plugin as well, so please
Ian Hutton  about 3 years ago
Great work guys, thx!
Xavier Riom  about 3 years ago
Nice piece of code. Does it work with LR 2.x?
_thetraveler  about 3 years ago
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Tony Vota  about 3 years ago
Another +1 for Aperture version of the plugin. That would be Awesome! Hint, hint. ;-)
tttfoto  about 3 years ago
Yes please a plugin for Aperture would be nice
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Ivan Boden  about 3 years ago
So glad to have the plugin! Thanks!
Emmanuel Dubois  about 3 years ago
Great job, nice preview for the Aperture version :-D
Richard Irecky  about 3 years ago
OK, Lightroom done, now Aperture plugin please! :)
Photon John  about 3 years ago
Nice work. Lots of functionality for a version 1. One feature that would be most beneficial to me is being able to rearrange photos in a 500px Lightroom portfolio, publish, and see the rearranged photos on the web in the 500px portfolio.
Zack Jones  about 3 years ago
Thanks for releasing this! Is there anyway to sync the plug-in with photos we've already published on 500px?
Mark Stephenson  about 3 years ago
+1 for aperture plug-in
Jennifer Gilbert  about 3 years ago
Great plugin, however, I have separate catalogs for all my photo sessions. Why do I have to update and log in to 500px each time I open a new catalogue?
Brigitte Djajasasmita  about 3 years ago
Works great! I finally started posting photos on 500px since yesterday... :o)

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